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niki harlafti

Niki Harlafti is a Greek, Chicago-based composer and educator, currently pursuing her PhD in Music Composition at Bienen School
of Music (Northwestern University), under the mentorship of Jay Alan Yim, Alex Mincek, and Hans Thomalla. Ms. Harlafti also holds a M.M.
in Composition and Theory from New England Conservatory of Music (Boston), where she studied with Efstratios Minakakis and Anthony Coleman. Her works have been performed in Chicago, New York,
Boston, Charlotte (NC), Minneapolis (MN), and various cities in Greece, the U.K., France and Germany.

Musically, she is currently exploring the physicality of sound, the performing body and its musical dramaturgy, improvisation, extended vocal techniques, language, and electronics. Aesthetically, she is interested in contradiction and surprise, continuity and transformation, as well as in the dissolution and disruption of patterns. Her work pivots between the extremes of sensitivity and violence, comedy and drama, sense and the nonsensical, musical and theatrical narrativity, and their common denominators.

Her latest collaborations include new works for The Megalopolis Saxophone Orchestra (Boston/New York) as Composer-in-Residence (2018-19), as well as interdisciplinary projects with visual artists (Greece and Chicago) . Other recent collaborations include a medley for dancers (“The Playground” at Rambert Dance, London), Question, commissioned by guitarist Ruben Mattia Santorsa (Darmstadt Festival, Germany), Vaisseau Fantôme, a multimedia project premiered by ~Nois saxophone quartet (Chicago) in collaboration with iconic painter Francisco Ledesma (Mexico) and filmmaker Sophie Gordon, solo and chamber vocal works for Carl Alexander (countertenor), Bahareh Pureslami (soprano), collaborative pianist Christos Marinos, and others. She has also collaborated with ECCE Festival (France), Charlotte New Music Festival and loadbang, June in Buffalo Festival (NY), and more.




for eleven saxophones

Vaisseau Fantôme 

for saxophone quartet


for solo voice

The City Wears Nothing

for chamber orchestra

When I Too Long

for voice and piano

Two Flies

for baritone voice, trumpet, bass clarinet, and trombone

Scenes for Violin

for solo violin

Ballade Pour Manos

for solo piano





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